Week 4 - The Value of Godly Counsel

Walking with God

Walking with God | Knowing and Discerning the Voice and Will of God

30 Day Journey of Walking With God

The prophet Amos said "Can two walk together unless they be agreed." (Amos 3:3)  While it is true that God truly desires an intimate relationship with all of his creation, the relationship is on His terms, not ours. So, if we are going to walk with God, we have to understand His will for our lives. This is why prayer is so important. Prayer is fellowship with God through Jesus Christ through which believers draw near to God and learn more of his will for their lives. It is more than just bringing our requests to God; it is a two-way communication. We must pause in prayer long enough to hear God's response as we pray.

On this 30 day journey, we want you to grow in your relationship with God and your ability to know and discern the voice and will of God. In week 4, we focus on the value of Godly counsel in helping us discern the voice/will of God.


Week 4: The Value of Godly Counsel

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Each day, find one way that the Lord guides you in something that you did not know. Spend at least 3 minutes in prayer thanking God for His leading and direction.

Life Stewardship:

The writer of Proverbs reflects that “The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.” (Prov 20:5) Each of us have many plans and desires in our hearts, yet the diligent and faithful stewards of God seek His will by the leading of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of Godly counsel.

This week, we will examine a variety of areas in our lives. We will look at what God’s Word says about the area, examine some of the specific goals that we have in our heart and finally weigh those plans against advice from Godly counsel. The Godly counsel can be

  1. how the Holy Spirit leads you in response to these areas,
  2. advice that you have received in the past from a pastor and/or leadership or
  3. a conversation that you have this week with a person of Godly counsel.

As you evaluate the advice of Godly counsel, be sure to go back through your prayer journal, notes from Sermons, Worksheets and journal entries that may speak to these areas.

Key Scriptures that shape this area Specific Goals / Prayer Points in this area Advice from Godly Counsel


Individual Growth



Relationship(s) [spouse, family, dating, friendships].









Ministry/Church Involvement






Recreational, Interests, Hobbies, Dreams





Identifying Godly Counsel:

Do they walk in integrity in their own lifestyle and the counsel that they give you? Do they share with you things that are difficult but necessary for you to hear? Do you utilize their counsel in making decisions for your life? Do you pray for them? Are there any people that should be on the list that are not or people that are on the list that shouldn’t be?


Identify the Pastors/Leaders/Elders that give you counsel:




Pray for your Pastors/Leaders/Elders


Identify the managers, peers, friends that you receive counsel from:




Pray for your managers, peers and friends


Identify Godly mentors/teachers in your career/profession/educational field:




Pray for Godly mentors/teachers in your career/profession/educational field


Identify and pray for your parents (natural and spiritual)





Take one day this week to thank someone in your life that has given you Godly counsel. It can be a pastor, leader, teacher, parent, mentor, friend, or neighbor. You can write a card, send an email, or find another creative way to say thank you.